I am switching up my diet to experiment with prolonged ketosis. First question, how to add a significant quantity of fat without carbs and extra protein. Today, I review sour cream.

Product Total Fat in container Price $/g fat
Green Valley Organics Lactose Free 340g / 30g * 9g = 102g $4.49 $0.04401
Snowville Creamery Creme Fraiche 336g / 30g * 11g = 123.2g $5.99 $0.04862
Wallaby Organic 454g / 30g * 10g = 151.333g $4.69 $0.03099

Hands down, the winner by taste was Green Valley Organics. The lactose free part sounds great. However, it appears to come at a cost of less Vitamin A. This product shows 4% RDA for Vitamin A versus 8% for the other two.

The lowest cost, and also tasty, product was Wallaby Organic. This one says it contains 2g of carbs compared to 1g for the others. Unfortunately these numbers are alllowed to be rounded in weird ways so I’m not going to be too worried about the difference here.

If you know you like butterfat, the Snowville brand claims 36% butterfat on the lid. And it is also yellow in color instead of white. It was quite tasty as well.

I learned this week that too much protein can raise blood sugar levels and prevent ketosis. Adding sour cream to my diet should help me reduce the amount of protein I consume.

My target macro-nutrient levels are:

Category Quantity Percent
Carbs: 20g 4.3%
Protein: 128g 27.5%
Fat: 141g 68.2%

The goal is to plan out my meals in such a way that I don’t have to count macro nutrient levels for everything I eat.